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Union Bordeaux Bègles is one of the new entries in the Men’s Elite division, and the renowned historical French club will surely punch the buttons to present an awesome spectacle for everyone. But what do we really know about them? And is 7’s growing in the highest of echelons in France?

To answer all of this, and a bit more, the UBB 7’s head coach, Laurent Ferrères, added his thoughts and ideas to deliver another awesome Sevens in the Sun interview.

Get to know them better.

Laurent, merci pour ton temps, and tell us, why have the Union Bordeaux Bègles selected the Algarve 7’s as one of their summer tournaments? What did you find interesting about it?

It was important for me to be part of one of the most important Sevens tournament in Europe this summer. Our club and team is evolving and being part of such a meeting was a great opportunity for us. Also it shows that we want to evolve on our Sevens project.

How do you see the 7’s French program going forward? Do you think there’s space for it to grow in France?

7’s in France took a lot of time to take part of the French sport culture because of the power and the history of the XV rugby in France. The Olympic Games taking part in France in 2024 is helping the improvement of this discipline in the French territory. Furthermore since 2020 the LNR created the In Extenso Supersevens. It is an obligation for all the TOP 14 teams to take part of this tournament. It push the clubs to improve themselves in this category and the fact that it is broadcasted on TV is helping us to get some partnership. Wish is important for us to make our project better and better years by years.

Tell us a bit about how the UBB 7’s project works, and what are you looking for in your players.

We tried to created a team with top players of the high amateur level in our region (Gironde). A lot of the players have been playing for Espoir or in professional formation of the rugby top club such as UBB. Our project is to be a part of the best clubs of the TOP 14 teams with the greatest Sevens team.

You played for France 7’s but also were a standout player for the UBB in the ProD2 and TOP14. What advice do you have for young 7’s players? And can you share your two best rugby memories?

My advice for a young player is « Oublie que t’as aucune chance, vas-y fonce » (forget that you have no chance, go ahead), not kidding it is a great model to improve yourself beside the XV rugby. Sevens can push your limits and help you to increase your rugby technique.

My first best memory was to won one of the world series Championship, Paris 2005, it was in France so it was important for us. I was playing for the French Sevens team since 3 years. And it was an achievement for me.

I think my second best memory is to make part of the UBB 7’s project as their manager. Helping kids to grow in the French sevens territory, going with them at Paris La Defense Arena to took part of the finals of In Extenso Supersevens. Sharing my experience with them and dreaming about titles with them as a manager.

Will the UBB fight for the crown in the Algarve 7’s? What can we expect from your side?

We are coming to discover this tournament. We look forward to play our best but we will see during the tournament how far we can go.

Can you share some words for the fans, and why should they go and follow the tournament from the first minute?

Because the tournament take place in a beautiful landscape. We have a chance to do this tournament in one of the best place of Portugal. Also their is gonna be good game, good rugby, good vibes. We look forward to play in their and to see the fans coming !

Algarve 7s 2023 + Rugby Europe Championship Series

📌9 -11 June

📍Vila Real de Santo António Algarve - Portugal









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