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Get to Know the 7’s in the Sun | Paul John and the focus of the Hong Kong 7’s

After interviewing Max Woodward, Melody Li, and Natasha Olson, captains of the Hong Kong 7’s men and women squads, it is time to meet one of the architects of the growth and development of this Asian rugby team: head-coach Paul John.

The former Wales 7’s and Cardiff coach, is a wise thinker of the game, that is constantly seeking ways on how to improve and help unions like Hong Kong, so they can achieve a new level of quality, that going much further than simply winning some games or tournaments – but if silverware is a requirement for you, then we can inform that Hong Kong won the 2018 Asia Rugby 7’s competition, beating Japan in the final.

Paul John will be in Vila Real de Santo António next June to put his athletes under pressure, looking to go from strength to strength, focused on adding more experience to the men/women side that seeks to become one of Asia’s prime contenders in years to come.

Get to Know the 7’s in the Sun with another great guest, and feel with us what it means to be part of the Algarve 7’s frenzy, that have already started and will achieve its peak on that special weekend of 11th-12th of June!


Algarve 7s - 10-13 June 2022


You can buy now your ticket online and watch live all the action of the Algarve 7s 2022. Click here and come see the sevens in the sun:


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