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Get to Know the 7s in the Sun | Mike Mulroy and the Match Officials

Match officials, referees, the man with the whistle, sport judges, whatever you want to call them, they are vital for any sport, giving sense and laws, making easier for players, coaches and fans to live an intense and fun match.

With that in mind, the Algarve 7’s picked some of the finest referees of the rugby landscape, focused on building the best possible tournament for those who love to see and feel the quickness of the Sevens-a-side, and Mike Mulroy is the one leading the match official team that will be on Vila Real de Santo António.

An experienced referee himself, who as late refed in the Super Sevens Series UK, Mike Mulroy will take the reigns of the match official team that will help the teams and players achieve a higher standard, seeking to make the game flow more fluid and slicker.

In this 2nd episode of the “Get to Know the Sevens in the Sun”, you will have the chance to hear why this tournament can be a stepping stone for new or experienced match officials, advise to the players, and much more!

Get on board with Sports Ventures Algarve 7’s, be part of the fun and madness of the Sevens in the Sun.

Algarve 7s - 10-13 June 2022


You can buy now your ticket online and watch live all the action of the Algarve 7s 2022. Click here and come see the sevens in the sun:


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