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Are the Seventise ready to be back-to-back champions in 2023? The 2022 Elite champions are doing the finishing touches, and captain Max Blanc gave his opinion about where they are now.

The Seventise is one of the most exciting teams in the whole competition, and everyone is ready to see if they will rock our Sevens in the Sun once again

Monsieur Max Blanc, are Seventise the team to beat, as you are the Men’s Elite title holders? Are you ready to take the heat?

MB: Hi, Yes we’re very excited to be back to the Algarve 7’s and match with all the teams. We prepared ourselves to compete in this new tournament and hope to get the same result! ;)

The Seventise gave a fine and wonderful spectacle in Vila Real de Santo António last year… how do you play 7’s so well? What’s the secret(s)?

MB: we’re grateful that you enjoy the show! We worked very hard for each other and try to maintain the pressure on the other teams. We want to be clinical on each possession we have to be more efficient and score as fast as possible.

Later this year we will have the Rugby World Cup in your country… is rugby still growing there? And how’s the 7’s setup at the moment?

MB: Rugby is growing in France, we have this culture especially 15 because of the results of the French team, and therefore more and more people watch and go to the stadium. It’ll be a great moment! 7’s is less known but the federation is working very well to develop it. And we can see the result of the world series where France is performing very well. Tournaments around the country level up and it’s a benefit for everybody.

What is the Seventise all about? How do you, and your teammates, keep your spirits high all across the season?

MB: we’re all friends at the beginning and we’re all competitors so we just want to perform at the best level we can to prove ourselves and our friends!

What did you think about the Algarve 7’s? Were you happy with the tournament? And what would you like to see in this new edition?

MB: Algarve 7’s is a great tournament! The spot is very cool, the heat is a bit tough but we prefer this to rain! The only thing we want is more people in the stands, it’ll be perfect!

Did you liked to be in Vila Real de Santo António? Is it a perfect place to have fun, play 7’s, and show how good the Seventise are, on and off the pitch?

MB: we really enjoyed our trip last year the conditions were great and we won so what more could we ask for! Definitely, the place to be on the 9th of June this summer!

In 2022 we saw a brilliant celebration after lifting the title… are you going to do that show for us yet again? And what can you promise to the fans who will be there waiting for you?

MB: we hope so! We celebrate like this when we win tournaments! If you see that again this year it’s a great thing for our team. We promise that we’ll be ready for this big tournament and want to getthe back-to-back.

Algarve 7s 2023 + Rugby Europe Championship Series

📌9 -11 June

📍Vila Real de Santo António Algarve - Portugal









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