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Get to Know Kazakhastan 7's

Kazakhstan is on the rise and will be one of the contenders for the finals in the Women Open. But who are they? What is their rugby style? And can they really achieve something special in the future? To better understand their goals and qualities, we talked with Alina Askerova (captain) and Anna Yakoleva (head coach). They shared their thoughts about their growth, passion, and commitment to rugby.


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Thank you, Anna Yakovleva, for talking to the Algarve 7’s community, and first things first: are you ready to lead your team in the sunny Algarve setup?

Anna Yakovleva: I am ready to represent my team as head coach at your tournament. It will be an invaluable experience for the team and me. At the moment we are trying to add some young players, to see who can fit into the main team, and who we can count on a little later!

What can you tell us about the Kazakhstan 7’s squad? Do you have any goals for this trip to Portugal?

Anna Yakovleva: The main purpose of this trip is to try out to find new players, and of course your tournament will be a good start before the selection for the HSBC series in Chile!

Rugby in Kazakhstan… what is all about?

Anna Yakovleva: Women's rugby in Kazakhstan appeared in 1992, and since then the team has always been at a good level in the world rankings, both in rugby 7 and in rugby 15! We are the gold medalist of the Asian Games in 2010, as well as bronze medalists of the Asian Games in 2014 and 2018! We have a very great tradition in the Asia Rugby. The team is the top three team in the Asian region!

As the Head-Coach from the Kazakhstan 7’s squad, what have been your main challenges?

Anna Yakovleva: As the head coach of the Kazakhstan team, I was given a number of goals one of the main ones is: Increase the level of physical capabilities of the team; Changing the vision of the game in the national team players; And also the introduction of young players in the team, of course with the condition of an optimal balance and experienced team members.

Can you share with us how you say “awesome try”, “side step” and “genious play” in your tongue? And tell us, finally, what you hope to see in Vila Real de Santo António!

Anna Yakovleva: In Vila Real de Santo António, I really want to see a good performance from my team and your awesome country!



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Alina, welcome to our 7’s in the Sun interviews, and let’s start big: what do you hope to show and achieve at the Algarve 7’s?

Alina Askerova: We want to show our best and demonstrate the best game, thus preparing for the qualifying games.

Kazakhstan have been trying to get bigger on the rugby landscape, and the 7’s programme is key for that. What have been the biggest challenges up until now? And what do you think about your team’s development?

We had a not very successful last year, not the confidence of our players in their strength, and they have a lot of power. But now we are ready to show a new level and result.

How do you define your 7’s squad? What are your teams’ strengths? And what are the qualities that you seek to get better at in Algarve?

Alina Askerova: Our team is renewing and gaining confidence in their abilities for us it is important to show in every game the best possible result we will set goals and achieve high results

The competition is going to be fierce in Vila Real de Santo António, but you will be ready for the challenge, right? What do you expect from the opposition?

Alina Askerova: Yes our opponents are worthy and we approach it consciously, so we try to move to another level of the game on the speed will allow to control the opponents, forcing to act as we benefit

Why are you devoting your time to rugby? What it makes for you “your sport” of choice?

Alina Askerova: The atmosphere of discipline and the will to win is what impressed me about this sport that immediately won me over. And all of the above helps me in life outside of sports.


Algarve 7s - 10-13 June 2022


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