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🎙️Get to know the Portugal 7s read-coach Frederico Sousa! 🇺🇦

Frederico Sousa, the 7’s season already started, and the Algarve 7’s will be the perfect test for your team? What do you expect to see from your squad?

Frederico Sousa: Yes it will perfect , it is a young squad and they need to have some experience so it will be the perfect opportunity.

Why do you think the Algarve 7’s is a perfect competition to launch players, tune team movements, and look to improve your squad before the official tournaments start?

Frederico Sousa:Good qualities oposition in a tournament that we can have experiences and take some riscks.

How could you define the Portuguese 7’s? What are your main strengths? And what do you seek to improve?

Frederico Sousa: We have good attaking skills and commitement to the game , we seek to improve the the attack and defence systems in the tournament.

In the Elite competition, you will play against Georgia, Durham, Hong Kong, and other good-level teams. Is the Portugal 7’s ready to take the challenge?

Frederico Sousa:We are building and came from a long season , but I think it will be a good challenge.

Are the 7’s still a good way to get more people involved with Rugby Union?

Frederico Sousa:Yes it is perfect way , fast and pace , easy to underhand.

Can you say three words that tell the fans what is the Algarve 7’s?

Frederico Sousa: enjoyment , fun and sun

Can you say some words for the Portuguese fans that will be in Vila Real de Santo António to watch the tournament and Portugal?

Frederico Sousa:Come and support us and enjoy for sure a good day.



Algarve 7s - 10-13 June 2022

You can buy now your ticket online and watch live all the action of the Algarve 7s 2022. Click here and come see the sevens in the sun:


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