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Kazakhstan and Ludymila Sherer are back to Algarve to win the Women’s Elite

Introdução: Kazakhstan is back and they are here to play to take the title home! The Asian nation managed to qualify for the 2022 Women’s Elite final in their first ever year in the Algarve 7’s, but weren’t able to bag the trophy. Can they do it now? To better understand how the women’s squad is prepping up for the competition, we had a fun interview with Ludymila Sherer. She is the captain, one of the key stars of this setup, and helped her country to win a gold medal in the 2010 Asian Games!

Thank you, Luydmila Sherer, for talking to the Algarve 7’s community! In 2022 Kazakhstan played for the very first-time in the Algarve 7’s, and fought for the title until the end. What were your thoughts about the tournament?

LS: Hi all. In 2022 we participated in Algarve 7's for the first time. Great tournament: bright, interesting with strong teams.

As we were saying, last season you fought until the last second for the title, but came up short in the final against the 7 Fantastics. Are you going to take the title home in 2023?

LS: Of course, every team wants to take a revenge match and win it what we want to do this year.

What were the main strong points in the Algarve 7’s for you? Did you like the setting, environment and opportunity?

LS: The most important thing I want to note in this tournament is the selection of teams. European and Asian teams have different styles of play. When rivals are even or someone is stronger, the game is more interesting and dynamic. And of course, strong teams always have something to learn. To play in such tournaments is a big plus and a great experience. I would like this year during the games of the side referees and the possibility of recovery teams between games.

Last year we asked your head-coach about how was rugby in your country… Has it grown in the past 12 months?

LS: At this stage in Kazakhstan, there is growth in children's and youth rugby. There are a lot of children's games for all ages. Children are fascinated by the sport and they go on with pleasure. Everyone has a goal to get into the national teams.

Why did you choose to play rugby? And are you happy to play in such inclusive and spirited sport?

LS: How did I get into rugby? I was curious to see what kind of sport it was and try something new. So I got sucked in (laughs). I'm very happy to be here and play rugby.

If you could define your team and teammates in one word (each), what would they be?

LS: It's impossible to define my team in one word. They are different and unique in their own way, but we have one thing in common: the will to win. We're also strong and angry on the field (laughs).

Can you tell us how Kazakhstan celebrates their wins? Have you got any expression or type of celebration? And please tell to the fans what they can expect of your team!

LS: We celebrate victories in different ways, but we always get together, go to karaoke, have fun and relax. We tell our fans to watch us, and cheer for us, and we will show a beautiful and exciting game.

Algarve 7s 2023

📌9 -11 June

📍Vila Real de Santo António Algarve - Portugal









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