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It´s a classic already, the Algarve 7s Saturday Night BBQ Beach Party is pleased to announce that the great VOODOO MARMALADE band will be back this year for more!

A marmalade of styles. This is perhaps the best expression to define the band Voodoo Marmalade.

From the classics of the 50's and 60's, through 80's rock to contemporary pop, everything is there in acoustic and very fun versions. A true sound machine capable of mixing Manu Chao, George Michael with Johnny Cash and traditional music from the Azores Islands with Metallica. But what really sets the VM apart is their unorthodox formation: 6 ukuleles, bass and percussion. And it is precisely in the use of different types of ukuleles that we find all the sound and creativity of the band, capable of giving the already established themes a sound of their own and at the same time familiar. The variation of vocals (all members sing) and the use of stage props during the show complete the party.

Don´t miss out, if you´re taking part in the tournament make sure your team has already purchased the tickets for the Saturday Night BBQ Beach Party. If you are a visitor and wish to attend the BBQ Beach Party with our favorite bank Voodoo Marmalade make sure to book your tickets with the organization by email


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